2nd Opinions

Our 2nd Opinions page is reserved for when we travel outside our kitchens and test restaurant favorites. Please check back for new updates!

Amsterdam Café
Auburn, AL

The fam took a trip to Amsterdam Cafe in Auburn for Mama's birthday earlier this month.  I have to say Amsterdam is one of my favorite restaurants in this area--the food, the atmosphere, the little bitty logo on the dinner plates, and the drinks all put a big fat smile on my face...see? :)  Even better, the prices aren't way out of the realm of possibilities for this small town girl on a budget.

A strong sense of community and a devotion to the local farmers ensures high quality and freshness in every.single.bite.  You will definitely want to make sure you wear your britches with the elastic waist-band when you introduce your taste buds to this creative fare.  So goooood.

Now, I’m typically the kind of gal that likes to try new things.  However, during my last couple visits at Amsterdam, I’ve ordered the same exact items because it was so good the first time I swear I had dreams about it.  First of all, ever since I discovered the Strawberry Blonde martini, it has become a must-have in the Miller household.   The ingredients include strawberry flavored vodka, pineapple juice, strawberry puree, and champagne.  Upon tasting this, I made Derrick head directly to the ABC store to purchase strawberry vodka so I could recreate this in my own kitchen.  Please try this next time you go.  It’s my new fave.

Meet my new friend. She's yummy.

Next up, I ordered the Cobb salad.  Bacon, chicken, fresh avocado, roma tomatoes, and bleu cheese are just some of the ingredients in this salad.  It’s big enough for an entrée and has enough flavor to last a lifetime, but I personally don’t have enough self-control to stop at this delicious dish.  Just look at it??

Isn't she a beaut!!
For my entrée, I found this little gem on the appetizer menu—shrimp and grits “Savannah.”  The good part—it’s only $9.00!  The best part—the flavor is so rich you feel like you’re really getting a treat.  The shrimp are huge (plenty of meat for an entrée) with just the right amount of spiciness.  They are nestled perfectly on top of a deep-fried grits cake.  Accenting the whole she-bang: a lemon beurre blanc sauce. Hold on just a second while I wipe up the drool.

Both tasty AND attractive!

I LOVE indulging myself in this delightful menu.  It’s like going on a treasure hunt where you are guaranteed to find the prize!  Amsterdam has won several awards and even have a dish on the "100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die", and it’s easy to see why!  

So whether you’re taking your honey on a date, bellying up to the bar, going for a birthday celebration, or just looking for something new on your tongue, don’t forget about this restaurant located in the heart of downtown Auburn.  It’s undeniably one of my personal favorites on the plains…and SO worth all the hype.

**Check out Amsterdam's menu...you won't be sorry!


Anna’s comments:
“I had the Crabcake & Avocado sandwich. It was simple, yet divine! The crab cake was crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Avocado slices were nestled on top with a mango pico de gallo and remoulade sauce on the side. It’s easy to see why this dish is ranked on the Top 100 dishes in Alabama. And...only ten bucks for a small taste of seafood heaven. If you've never been to Amsterdam Cafe or are just looking for some new dishes to try, this meal comes highly recommended.”


The Blue Owl
October 2010
Andie and I traveled to St. Louis this past October to visit our new niece. Being the ‘foodies’ we are, we got online trying to find any local restaurant that had been featured on TV. The Blue Owl has been featured on the Food Network and other shows numerous times. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We loaded up and traveled the 20 miles to Historic Kimmswick, MO.  What started out as a simple trip out to lunch turned into the idea for our blog being born.
The Blue Owl is nestled in between rows of antique stores and bakeries. We just knew this was going to be a great way to spend the afternoon.
The Blue Owl has an amazing menu to choose from, along with daily home-made lunch specials. I had the fish-n-chips, which was delicious. The fish was crispy and flaky. Just the way I like it. Homemade veggies as sides were the perfect way to complement the meal.
 Andie had the broccoli and cheese quiche and a side salad.  In her words: "One word: de-lic-ious!  The custard portion was seasoned perfectly--very simple, in fact, so that the broccoli and cheese were the real stars of the quiche.  Not to mention the crust was flaky and practically melted in your mouth.  The salad came with a honey bacon dijon dressing that was like nothing I've ever had--a sweet dressing with bits of bacon in it."  The salad dressing recipe, along with many other recipes,  can be found in The Blue Owl cookbook (available on the website).
We had to be careful not to fill up too much, knowing what was to come for dessert……….Levee High Apple Pie. This pie is made with 18 apples, hand peeled and sliced!! The pie is topped with another layer of crust and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. If you want to take it to the next level, try the same pie smothered in a rich-caramel pecan sauce --which you KNOW we had to try! YUMMY!!

We left The Blue Owl a few pounds heavier, but it was all worth it. Check out their website where you can browse the menu and even have these wonderful  Levee High Pies, along with many many more shipped directly to your door. And if you are ever in the St.Louis area, it is definitely worth the short drive to Kimmswick for an afternoon of tasty food and great shopping.