Friday, January 14, 2011

Hope Duck's Not the Main Course!

This week we had a tailgating party!  We all gathered with new finger foods that are great for any party.  My main dish was duck.  Duck isn’t usually the first thing that comes to my mind for tailgating.  That is unless your team is playing the Oregon DUCKS for the National Championship!  What perfect timing to try cooking up the ever so fancy and feared fowl.   I’ve heard all the, “I don’t like it” “It’s really fatty” “Tastes like dark meat” But, I’ve never had it, so I don’t know what to believe.   I want to be able to add my two cents, and if my borrowed duck recipe changes someone’s mind then great!

I found this recipe on and tampered with it a bit.  You can find it here.

Let me preface this by saying, think ahead! Duck is hard to find, unless you want the entire bird frozen, and I didn’t.  I just needed a breast or two since my recipe is for kabobs, and it’s just an appetizer.   Seeing as I’ve never even seen a dead duck I did some light reading and found out that the breast is actually large enough to feed two.  After calling Publix, Kroger, and the Meat Store (yeah, you’d think they’d have it, right?) I figured this is a pretty tricky fowl to get your hands on.   Grasping for air I called one more place: the Earth Fare Market.  Yes! (Sigh of relief- nothing else would suffice) They will order it for you, and have it in in about a day or so…..that is if everyone in your surrounding area wasn’t also looking for duck! They couldn’t get my order in, but they did have a package of frozen breasts.  (Have you heard the word “breasts” enough?) So, I bought those.
If you get frozen, be sure to again, think even more ahead!  I thawed it 2 days in advance in the refrigerator. 
One day before the big game, I cut up the duck, and let it marinate over night. 
It was equal parts hot sauce, soy sauce, and teriyaki sauce.  I used ¼ cup of each for 2 breasts.
When you’re almost ready to cook your duck, wrap it in bacon and slip it on a skewer.
 Grill for about 15-20 minutes on low.

If only it were all that easy!!!!  This duck brought me many challenges.  First, I used wooden skewers.  I soaked them in water like everyone suggests, but they still burned.  I will go out and buy metal skewers from now on to use always.  I will never trust you again, wooden skewer.  Next, my main grilling man left the Everyday Girls to venture out West to attend this, said, big game.  So, Dad was put on grilling duty.   Keep in mind this was the worst night we had with all the ice, so he was trying to avoid the harsh conditions and grill inside my garage with no lights.  NO lights, people! 
The bacon was a little crispy to say the least.   He pulled them off the grill, set them in the dish, and then he tried to put up the grill.  With an unlevel driveway, the dish slid right onto the ground.  Smash!  Shattered pieces of glass and dirty bird were rushed inside in my dad’s hands while he’s screaming, “Hope duck isn’t the main course!”   Hilaaaaarious!  Bless his heart, he was upset, but no big deal! With a little rinse of water, the duck was as good as new!  Since the bacon was a little crispy, we couldn’t tell if there was dirt/glass or not! =)
 OK, seriously.  The duck was really pretty good.  I didn’t eat the top layer of skin or the bacon.  But, as I understand the skin helps keep the duck moist, so I’m glad I (my dad) cooked it with the skin on.  I’m sure the bacon added to its flavor, too, because what doesn’t bacon help add flavor to??  The duck had the texture and flavor of steak almost.  I didn’t hate it! The skin and bacon helped, but the marinade gets all the credit.  You could definitely taste it, but not overwhelmingly.

 It was the perfect night, perfect game, and perfect dish!

War Eagle!
(this view may or may not reflect the views of the other everyday girls)

To add, my 90 year old granddad said it was the best duck he’s ever had.  I’ll accept that!

*Check out our ‘Recipes’ tab for all the goodies Anna and Andie brought.  They introduced some newbies that are definite keepers!

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